Saturday, April 28, 2012

NIAW - Scenario No. 4

Scenario No. 4:

Susie’s infertile friend Betsy announces at a lunch with a group of friends that she and her husband are trying to get pregnant.  Betsy excitedly mentions that she is doing her first round of Clomid.  Rookie!  Susie lets out a sigh and casually says, “Well, good luck with that.  I tried it and it certainly didn’t work for me.”

DON’T:  Let Susie get inside your head!

DO:  Feel hopeful that this treatment will work for you.  Everybody is different and what doesn’t work for some can certainly work for others.  Also, understand that Susie is probably down in the dumps from the failed attempt at making a baby.  Just keep smiling; Susie could certainly use a friend in the same situation to show her what it’s like to hope and to have faith.

If you ARE Susie…           
DON’T:  Be such a Debbie-Downer!!!

DO:  Express words of encouragement to your friend Betsy.  If a certain treatment didn’t work for you, zip it.  The next treatment might be the key to bringing home a baby and you definitely wouldn’t want someone to smash your dreams.  Remember, “Always be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.”

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