Friday, April 27, 2012

NIAW - Scenario No. 3

Scenario No. 3:

Vanessa is expecting her first baby and it is time to send out invites for her skulls and pink bows themed baby shower.  Susie and Vanessa are friends but Vanessa recently saw on Facebook that Susie has confessed to everyone and their grandma that she is infertile.  What to do?! 

DON’T:  Exclude Susie from any baby related festivities.

DO:  Send Susie an invitation and leave it up to her to make that decision.  If Susie decides to go even though she might have to bring out her happy face for the event, she is showing you that she is genuinely happy for your bundle o’ joy just by being there.  But do Susie a favor and seat Meddling Aunt Matilda across the room away from Susie; you had a hard enough time dealing with Auntie May’s inquiries about finding a husband these past 10 years.  If Susie decides she better stay home, please understand that she is trying to save you from dealing with drama at what otherwise should be a happy event.  I mean, unless finding your infertile friend locked up in the bathroom bawling for 30 minutes straight is your idea of a good time, let’s just be grateful Susie sent you a gift from your registry instead.  Maybe she’ll be up for it when baby #2 decides to show up.

If you ARE Susie…

DON’T:  Think Vanessa is trying to be heartless.

DO:  Be happy for Vanessa for goodness sakes!  Would you rather her be infertile like you?!  I didn’t think so; it isn’t something we wish on anybody.  If you decide to go, good for you, I know it isn’t always easy.  If you don’t want to have to deal with any Aunt Mays, ask Vanessa if you can help with serving food or anything that will keep you busy and out of danger’s way.  If you are at a point in your infertility where it is just too much to bear, it’s okay to stay home.  Send your card and gift with a friend.  Some day you might be up for going to a baby shower again, and some day, it might be your own.  

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