Sunday, January 15, 2012

spinach banana oat smoothie

Green smoothies seem to be the craze these days, and I can see why.  They're delicious, filling and a great way to get in lots of nutritional goodness.  I make this smoothie when I need to use up the spinach in my fridge and when the bananas begin to get dark brown spots on them.  It's great for breakfast or as a snack and it makes you feel healthy just drinking it!

You'll need fresh baby spinach, oats, frozen banana, plain yogurt, low-fat milk and honey.

First, finely grind the oats so you don't end up with larger raw pieces of oats in your drink.  I use a Magic Bullet for my one serving smoothie, but of course you can use a regular blender.

Add the spinach, frozen banana, honey, yogurt and milk.  If you use a Magic Bullet, add the liquids last.  If you use a blender, add them first on top of the ground oats.

Blend everything together.  You might have to stop it a couple of times to scrape the oats from the bottom or the sides.

Drink up!

I love that this smoothie contains four of the five food groups.  If you want it to be a five food group smoothie, just add a few almonds when grinding the oats.

Spinach Banana Oat Smoothie
serves 1

1/2 cup thick rolled oats
a handful of spinach, washed (about 1/2 cup, tightly packed)
1 frozen banana (peel, cut into large pieces, place in a container and freeze the day before)
3 tablespoons plain yogurt
1 tablespoon honey
3/4 cup low-fat milk

Place the oats in the blender and grind until finely ground.  If using a Magic Bullet, add the spinach, banana, yogurt, honey and milk; otherwise, if using a regular blender, add the liquids first.  Blend until all ingredients are smoothly blended, stopping and scraping as needed.  Enjoy!

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